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Long life to our god Chi Long Qua.Dr. Stoopid 1 год. Dota 2 - Best of Chi Long Qua Part 1. Добавлено: 8 Christopher Mayer 8. CHI LONG QUA Puts BananaSlamJamma in the dump View full stats, matches and players for CHI LONG QUA.CHI LONG QUASummary. PMA. Team Tag. Chi long qua best DOTA 2 player this world has ever fucking seen so IM sure he can teach us.CHI LONG QUA could show us how to win games how to dumbster the shitstains. Chi Long Qua The Loop (1:04). Скачать Слушать On-Line.Chi long qua shit (0:09). Скачать Слушать On-Line. Chi long qua. Если Вы зашли на данную страницу, значит Вы ищите где можно скачать данную песню Chi Long Qua - The Loop на телефон или воспроизвести её online? Server Message.

OK. Chi Long Qua is BSJ? CHI LONG QUA Puts BananaSlamJamma in the dumpster AGAIN.Dota 2 CHI LONG QUA Plays Slark. Chi Long Vlog : PC Update Overthrow. Long life to our god Chi Long Qua LONG QUA explores the idea of "forced initiations" with a jungle tiny game. Chi long qua. Тема в разделе "Общие вопросы и обсуждения", создана пользователем MegaDen666, 19 Jan 2015 в 14:09.Кто по английски шарит, посмотрите нашел интересный канал по доте, американский тролль руинит катки в пабах, по кд играет в лп и там руинит и т.д Открыть Страницу «Chi Long Qua» на Facebook.Обычно отвечает в течение нескольких часов. Contact Chi Long Qua on Messenger. Sign up Log in. Language: English.

Chi Long Qua. Just trash players everywhere. Created by. Chi Long Qua, best DotA2 player this world has ever fucking seen. Chi Long Qua YouTube Channel.Аудиозаписи 4. 1:04. Chi Long Qua. The Loop. 2:30. Category: Без рубрики Tags: chi long qua, chi long qua stream, chilongqua, chilongqua stream, clq, clq stream, dota, dota 2, dota 2 mmr, dota 2 stream, dota ra, dota ranked, dota stream. The True Voice of CHI LONG QUA [Ye Olde Chi Long Qua Series Ep. 1]. "Spread the message of the Long Qua Dynasty, copy my settings, and go bring grief to your teammates." Chi Long Qua is the best Dota 2, H1Z1, Crusader Kings 2, Chivalry and Skyrim player the worlds ever fucking seen. He uploads gameplay videos on YouTube (since 4 January 2014) and currently has over than 250 videos, 60k subscribers and 5.9 million views. Wheel Whreck While Whistling. monkeys-forever - Offlane. Chi Long Qua. TryhardMad. DurpDurp. Dota 2 Pudge Guide / Tutorial by CHI LONG QUA. Канал: ChiLongQua Загружен: Verffentlicht am 10.07.2016. Длина: 29:03 Просмотры: 24.496 Aufrufe.MMR [Stream Vod] 1:53:42CHI LONG QUA Plays Pudge (2 Games) 12/29 Stream VOD 8:59 Chi Long Qua is DEAD - RIP (WORST DAY OF MY LIFE) 19:22Chi LongFunny moments 43:45Offlane Weaver - CHI LONG QUA Plays Weaver | Dota 2 Gameplay Commentary - 7.0 58:18 CHI LONG QUA Chi Long Qua, Hes a funny youtuber whos trash talk anygames! He does make some guide for his fans! Chi Long Quas is an Curser Whichs his Favourites Curse Words " Dogshit, Shistain, Heroname Straigh from pulling out from gaben asshole" Hes funny! Long press to pause. Menu. Post by gigabreaker88 on Aug 26, 2015 13:40:27 GMT -8. chi long qua shi shei? Смотрите еще. CHI LONG QUA Plays Overthrow.CHI LONG QUA Plays Dark Seer Dota 2. EG vs Complexity with CHI LONG QUA. Miracle- Bye 9k MMR vs Attacker. CHI LONG QUA Puts BSJ in the dumpster AGAIN - Sre: 6:31.Dota Psychology 2 Disrupting the Natural Flow of Gameplay [Ye Olde Chi Long Qua Series Ep. Chi long qua (self.DotA2). submitted 7 months ago by erdene2476. sorry, this has been archived and can no longer be voted on. So how does the dude who trolls every game have 5k mmr? 11 comments. Title: Chi Long Qua in a nutshell 2 Views: 520 Like: 5 Dislike: 0 Duration: 0:4 Published: 2 years ago Author: channel Description: Audio taken from this video made by Chi Long Qua the best Dota 2 player this world has ever fucking seen: Chi long qua. Этот пользователь также был известен какCHI LONG QUA Последний раз в сети: 4 дн. назад. Search for: Main Menu. Tag: chi long this video CHI LONG QUA shows you how to navigate the options menu to enable neutral creep spawn boxes. I hope valve bans Chi Long Qua. by Pseudo Geek May 22, 2016. 10/10 EDIT oh theres more Chi long qua. Скачать песню в MP3 или послушать онлайн. Если Вам понравилось, поделитесь пожалуйста в социальных сетях.Dota 2 CHI LONG QUA Plays Weaver Positive Mental Attitude. 0:07. BSJ vs Chi Long Qua. CLQ GOD. BananaShitstainJamma. chi long qua. a f-cking dogsh-t sh-tstain dota player who griefs and ruins the f-cking game. a hilarious sack of sh-t for others, cancer for this team. i lost 25 mmr again. i hope valve bans chi long qua. Lv 30. Chi long qua clq. Северная Америка (na). Обновлено прямо сейчас. Hng v 30 ng tin mua Tht Long Chu c nguyn, d nhin tht s xuyn qua n Long Chu th gii. Ch c iu, tr thnh trong lch s ti bi kch vai nam chnh ca ca —— Raditz. i mt l lt ko n cng ch, Raditz khng ngng tu luyn, vt qua tt c khng th. Sign Up. Chi Long Qua. Connections( 12 ). All Chi Long Qua statistics on Dotapulse: XPM, GPM etc. XPM, GPM and other stats for all Chi Long Qua matches and tournaments. chi long qua - playing dota2. Go to FACEIT to connect with chi long qua and see the team members, game statistics and match history. После прочтения новой новости на сайте с переводом аска moonminderа, я невольно задался вопросом - кто такой этот Chi Long Qua, которого moon называет лучшим игроком из всех. New to Twitter? Sign up. Chi long qua. Dr. Stoopid 1 год. Chi Long Qua - Funny moments.The Long Qua Disciple Techies Replay. CHI LONG QUA plays storm spirit in overthrow (Dota 2 custom game).chi long qua demonstrates proper use of positive mental attitude in a pudge game. Quizlet is a lightning fast way to learn vocabulary. CHI LONG QUA Plays Pudge 9 Dota 2 New Best. Why Chi Long Qua /RtR/Leo deleted his videos (clips from road to reformation stream 17.

aug). DELETED CLQ VIDEOBananaSlamJamma vs Jungle Invoker Dota 2. CHI LONG QUA explores the idea of "forced initiations" with a jungle tiny game.CHI LONG QUA Plays Overthrow - New Best. Why Chi Long Qua /RtR/Leo deleted his videos (clips from road to reformation stream 17. aug). Tag: chi long qua. Tag: chi long qua. [5/27/17] VOD Road To Reformation Stream | Dota 2 Ranked Road to 6k. June 1, 2017 79 No Comments. Chi Long Qua - Funny moments. Best fucking DOTA 2 player. Dota 2 Captains Mode Drafting Guide - How to Draft like a Pro. Dota 2 Chi Long Qua plays Natures Prophet. ChiLongQua. Chi Long Qua. Level 30 (PBE). Lifetime Upvotes. Chi Long Qua of the Long Qua Dynasty was born somewhere in England, but soon after he rose through the ranks, we went to conquer the new world. He now resides on US West, but jumps to US East just so -

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